Ocean processes and climate

The prevailing physical and chemical characteristics of UK seas help to determine the structure and function of our marine ecosystems and they can affect the potential for ecosystems to meet good environmental status.  In the UK Marine Strategy Part 1 published in 2012 (HM Government 2012), we reported on the spatial and temporal variation of sea surface temperature, salinity, wave height, turbidity, and ocean acidification, that together form the basis of marine climate. 

In the updated UK Marine Strategy Part 1 the assessments for sea surface temperature, salinity, turbidity, and ocean acidification have been updated to determine whether any trends observed in 2012 have continued and to provide context for observed changes in the ecosystem indicators.  No systematic UK wide assessment of changes in significant wave height, wave period or direction have been undertaken for the current reporting period. However, later in 2019 the Marine Climate Impacts Partnership will publish an updated assessment for storms and waves.